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Learn Violin Online

Want to find ease playing the violin with confidence and fullness of breath?


Want to develop your ears and violin technique so you can effortlessly play with beautiful sound and intonation?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, schedule your free trial lesson so we can:

  • find what is holding you back

  • set you on a great new path of improvement!

Hi, I'm Michael

I enjoy teaching all levels, from complete beginners to advanced players, kids as well as adults. Wherever you’re at, I’m happy to help you reach your goals, all while having fun!

I realize that few people have access to high-quality violin instruction, so this is your chance to learn possibly life changing skills and information.

Even if you are only slightly considering short-term or long-term violin lessons, please schedule a free trial lesson. I'm always happy spending my time helping others. Once my studio is full, I will no longer be offering free lessons, so take advantage of my offer while it lasts.

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Student Testimonials

"Michael is hands-down, a truly superb teacher.  I came to him for lessons to improve my left and right-hand technique, as well as my overall tone, and to play with greater ease and less tension. Every question I had was answered with patience and expertise.  

Even through a Zoom screen, Michael was able to diagnose both macro and minute changes that I needed to make in order to improve.  He offered many practical ideas and effective exercises to support those advancements in skill.  In less than one year, I have noticed a marked improvement in not only my overall playing, but also in the ease with which I perform.

Best investment I have ever made in my ten years of violin training.  Thank you so much for your teaching Michael!"

“Michael Perry is by far one of the most knowledgeable and kind people I’ve ever known. He was a scales class teacher for our studio and taught us so much about listening carefully and how to be better musicians. There’s an endless amount of information you can learn from Mr. Perry. He’s an absolutely amazing musician and person! ... If you have the opportunity to get a lesson from him, you will not be disappointed. Your level of listening will go up exponentially as well as your technique. Michael Perry allows for free thinking and out of the box ideas which helps you grow so much as a violinist. He never ceases to amaze me!”

Mei Lia


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-Taught violin and undergraduate classes at University of Tennessee-Knoxville
-Taught yoga and meditation for musicians, ear training, and rhythm classes at John Perry Academy of Music

-10+ years of experience teaching violin
-B.A. at UCLA
-M.M. at Eastman School of Music
-Artist Diploma at the Royal Conservatory Glenn Gould School
-Registered Suzuki teacher

-Students have been admitted with full scholarship to study music in college
-Performed solo and chamber music recitals in the US, Canada, and Germany

“Michael is an exceptional teacher. My wife and I began to learn the violin with Michael. Not only is he an extremely talented musician but also a patient teacher. I would highly recommend him.”


“Michael was a very talented instructor! I always looked forward to our lessons. He would come in with a positive attitude and an excitement to teach. He’s very passionate about what he does and taught me so many new things!”


Why study with me?

I believe everyone has something beautiful and meaningful to share with the world when they:

  • learn to enjoy what they hear in the music they play

  • share their emotions through their music

  • move and breathe naturally to allow what's inside to come out

I will help you to find your own musical voice, and prove to you that you are capable of far more than you think!

I practice and teach Yoga and Meditation, as well as practice Tai Chi and Qi Gong, all of which help me teach my violin students to:

  • have comfortable and efficient body movements

  • breathe well with healthy posture

  • develop a calm mind

It is amazing the progress my students make when they overcome body tension, shallow breathing, and mental anxiety. I will help you to fall in love with the violin, playing with ease and beautiful sound.


While my main expertise is in classical violin, my experience with singing, composition, jazz violin and piano, classical piano, and improvisation help me to be a more well-rounded teacher and cater to each student's needs and desires.

I believe music is the one thing that is able to combine the beauty of nature, the joy of human communication and giving, and a spirituality and magic that is beyond understanding. When music is made this way, it is such a powerful tool to enrich life and make the world a better place.

"Michael is a great teacher for students of all ages. He is patient and innovative, and was able to help me overcome shortcomings that I had developed from when I played years ago growing up. The breadth and depth of his experience in music performance and teaching, combined with his competitive athletics experience and meditation skills, allows Michael to develop in his students a broader foundation for success. His ability to draw from a variety of music genres and teaching methods helped me to be a better musician and to enjoy playing the violin again."


"Michael Perry is a creative and patient teacher, especially when it comes to ear training and hearing harmonies as you play your instrument. His methods for teaching intonation helped me find what to listen for as well as how to listen and sing out my sound."


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